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Bespoke Wedding Destination


Bkassine most luxurious and extravagant destination, Villa ISABELLE is here to redefine luxury and captivate its guests with its magnificent landscape beauty.

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Unparalleled countryside with extravagant beauty.

An admirable venue of spectacular proportions and noble designs, Villa ISABELLE is a natural marvel in the heart of the south. Villa ISABELLE leaves its guests in complete awe of its striking beauty and mesmerizing nature that has witnessed several weddings and special events.


At Villa ISABELLE, we believe in enhancing your experience by providing commendable services of the highest standards, tailored to your needs to maximize the luxury you receive here.


We are passionate about each customer receiving excellent customer service from our knowledgeable staff. Your day is guaranteed to be a success when choosing our wedding services. We have become the go to platform for couples who are excited for and trying to plan their weddings but who need advice, guidance and support. We think it very important to get to know the bride and understand the details couples need to make your dream wedding day. We capture all your requirements within your budget.

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"I would recommend Villa ISABELLE to anyone looking to have a Memorable wedding,

staff are very friendly and experienced you feel surrounded by family"

thank you 

Lea Harfouch
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